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Dr. Deepika Dehinwal

Meet Dr. Deepika Dehinwal

Dr Dehinwal graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Panjab University, India, before migrating to Australia and passing her Australian Dental Council examinations. She has over two years of experience working as a Dentist in India, focussing on all aspects of General Dentistry. Additionally, Dr Dehinwal has over three years of experience working as a Dental Assistant and Admin Coordinator in a plethora of dental clinics in Sydney. Now, as an Associate Dentist, she is especially interested in root canal treatments and surgical processes.


While being clinically proficient, Dr Dehinwal believes in treating people as she would want to be treated, with respect and honesty. She prioritises in creating a comfortable environment for her patients to provide dental care which is tailored to their needs. This is evident in Dr Dehinwal’s empathetic patient-centred approach in which she communicates complex dental concepts and terminology in a clear and understandable manner for her patients.


In the field of dentistry, Dr Dehinwal’s passion and dedication extends beyond current practices. For instance, as a member of the Australian Dental Association, she is always eager to pursue advanced training, attend relevant workshops, and stay informed about the latest innovations.


Outside of the clinic, Dr Dehinwal enjoys nature walks, hiking, reading, and painting.

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