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Dr. Tejas Vather

Meet Dr. Tejas Vather

Dr Tejas Vather graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from Charles Sturt University. He loves all aspects of General dentistry but has special interests in surgical extractions, wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants. He also provides treatment under IV sedation (sleep dentistry).

His approach to Dentistry has allowed him to treat anxious, nervous patients by listening and understanding their concerns and most importantly constantly communicating with the patient before starting any treatments. He does this by discussing complex surgical procedures in simple terms that are easy to understand and tries to make the procedure as simple and pain free as possible. He is constantly immersed in learning about new techniques and strategies to effectively treat complex cases by continual professional development courses.

Growing up in South Africa before moving to Australia with his family and completing his dental education in regional New South Wales, he has a keen interest in all thing’s dentistry but also is an avid fan of sports and the outdoors.

Tejas Vather