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Dr. Umisha Patel

Meet Dr. Umisha Patel

Dr Umisha is the principal dentist and the owner of Complete Family Dental. She completed her Dentistry education in India and migrated to Australia to start her new life with her partner and has been practicing dentistry for the past eight years in the western suburbs of Sydney.

She shares her passion of dentistry with her patients by truly taking time out to listen to their concerns and build a lost lasting relationship. Her approach to dentistry is to ensure that any immediate concerns are treated but to gradually move all her patients to a phase of maintenance of their good oral health on an ongoing basis. She has a keen interest in progressing her constant educational journey in the fields of Orthodontic & Aesthetic dentistry. She is an Invisalign trained provider and is seeking to complete further studies in Orthodontics in the near future.

She is a mother of two young children and when not at work spends her time outdoors with her family and is an avid fan of learning arts, crafts, and cooking.

Her experience as a Mum allows her to easily translate complex information to children and their parents ensuring that the young children who do visit her are first and foremost comfortable of being with her and the environment in a clinic before starting any procedures. Her approach and experience have allowed her to build rapport with children very quickly but has also allowed her to gain respect of the parents to ensure that accurate advice and quality care is provided.

In addition to hear approach, her experience, she also can speak multiple languages fluently such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi allowing her to communicate with a broad range of patients and their family members when visiting the clinic

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