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Adopt A Strong Kids’ Oral Routine

For your teeth and gums to remain strong, you must adopt a strong kids’ oral routine. This is especially important for the mouth development of your child. As a parent, once your child’s first tooth has grown, a quality kids’ oral routine will need to be maintained so it grows healthily.

A strong kids’ oral routine needs to be fun for children. For example, let your child choose a toothbrush that they like, create a chart that allows you as a parent to track their progress with a treat or two at the end of it. You may also consider playing with the dentist with a toy dental kit. There are many ways to keep it fun.

Whilst doing so, follow the below oral routine steps at home for your child for strong mouth development, teeth and gums.

a child brushing her teeth as part a strong oral routine

Help Them Brush Teeth

A strong kids’ oral routine should begin between the years 1 to 3 years. Toothpaste isn’t something that needs to be used at this stage. You can brush their teeth with water. Eventually, as your child grows to an age of approximately 7 years old to start using toothpaste for their first set of teeth.

As a parent or guardian, you should support your child and demonstrate how they should brush their teeth. Here are some tips:

  • Brush their teeth and gums gently in a circular motion
  • Ensure all contours of their mouths are brushed
  • Brush their tongue to remove any bacteria

A Balanced Food Diet

Children will always crave sweets and treats. Although, it is important that you balance your child’s diet and ensure that it doesn’t conform to just unhealthy food. Sugars are bad for oral health and mouth development. Therefore, feed your child with healthy options and sweets as a treat. For example, add vegetables, nuts and dairy to their everyday meals.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

As your child’s teeth begin to erupt from underneath the gum line, use fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth. Only apply a pea-drop of fluoride on their soft-bristle toothbrush. Fluoride helps to prevent plaque, cavities and tooth decay from forming and keeps their teeth and gums strong.

Schedule Their First Appointment

When your child’s first tooth becomes visible, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with the dentist. The dentist will want to ensure your mouth development is healthy so your teeth grow with no concerns. The dentist can also recommend advice and answer any of your questions. If your child experiences dental anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, help is here!

a childs visit to the dentist

Begin Flossing

Flossing is one of the healthier habits that you can adopt for your child. Start flossing when more than one tooth begins to form. The purpose of this is to avoid food debris becoming stuck inside their teeth. This can cause a build-up of plaque and potential tooth decay if it’s not dealt with. Read more here to learn why flossing is important.

Start your child’s oral health habits early so they become accustomed to looking after their teeth and gums when they get older. Eventually, it will help you child’s dental anxiety and making sure that they keep their mouth healthy every day as part of a strong kids’ oral routine.

If your child is due for a check-up, we’d be more than happy to welcome you both. Contact us at Complete Family Dental here to get started!

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