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Are You Regularly Visiting The Dentist?

To keep your oral health strong, it is recommended that as part of a strong oral routine, that you visit the dentist for a check up and clean every six months. Of course, carrying out an oral routine at home is essential, but regularly visiting the dentist is just as important.

The thought of visiting the dentist opens up many different opinions for everybody. Some people believe visiting the dentist doesn’t offer many benefits compared to cleaning your teeth at home, whereas others will think entirely the opposite. As a reputable dental practice, we can confirm that visiting the dentist for a check up regularly offers significant benefits to make sure your smile doesn’t become negatively impacted. This is typically known as preventative dentistry.

Below outlines five key benefits of visiting the dentist regularly, alongside keeping to a strong oral routine at home.


The Five Benefits

The Dentist Knows Best

When it comes to your oral health, the dentist knows best. With their experience and knowledge about dentistry, a dentist can instantly determine the state of your oral health, identify any pressing concerns that may require treatment, and are extermely knowledgable to answer any questions you may have regarding oral health. The internet is also a great source for this sort of information, but it isn’t always reliable. You would rather take the advice of an experienced and knowledgable dentist rather than finding out the answer online. If you have any questions about your oral health, consult the dentist.

The Prevention Dentist

At a check up and clean appointment, the dentist can instantly identify if there are any concerns that need addressing inside the mouth, and perform preventative measures to keep oral diseases low. For example, if your teeth are suffering from wear-and-tear, prevention such as cosmetic dentistry would be recommended, but a dentist would also be able to understand which form of treatment would fit your oral health needs. Your own opinion of course matters, but non more so than a knowledgable dentist!

Clean Teeth Everytime!

The dentist will perform a scale and polish treatment with a special polishing liquid to lighten the shade of your teeth and for your teeth to feel squeaky clean. Why wouldn’t you want a squeaky clean and shiny smile that you can show off in public? Scale and polish treatment is a straightforward and painless procedure.

Oral Cancer Check

Before any scale and polish treatment is performed, the dentist first performs a comprehensive check of your mouth to detect for any signs of oral cancer. The dentist searches for any lumps around the head and neck alongside white or red patches inside of the mouth. Oral cancer can come from out of nowhere, and it is one of the more important preventative measures that must be performed every time you visit the dentist. It could potentially save your life.

Remove Dental Plaque

Dental plaque builds up inside the mouth as a sticky yellow pale substance. Plaque is triggered from food remains inside of the mouth. When plaque builds, it is the first stage of tooth decay, but it also isn’t life-threatening in any way. The dentist can make sure the plaque is removed and your mouth is kept clean. The dentist will also provide advice to make sure plaque build-up doesn’t happen again.


Your Oral Health Matters…

Oral health is linked to so much more than just how you look. A shiny smile makes you feel better about yourself, promotes overall wellbeing and gives you the confidence to show off your smile in public. Your oral health matters, but avoiding the dentist is something you must not do. As part of your oral routine, make sure you book regular check-ups, because the opinion of the dentist matters and can prove the difference between good or bad oral health.

If you’re seeking a check up and clean and the dentist, check in for an appointment at Quakers Hill today. We are ready to welcome you and look forward to making your oral health a priority.

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