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Check Up & Clean

Even if you have a strict brushing and flossing routine every day, you can’t guarantee your long-term oral health without seeing a dentist regularly.

Learn why you should trust Complete Family Dental to perform your routine dental check ups and cleanings.

Why Do I Need Routine Dental Check Ups?

When you have a dental professional regularly examine your mouth, gums, and teeth, you can stay ahead of potential issues. Attending dental check ups is a great way to prevent minor dental problems from worsening.

During your first dental check-up visit with Complete Family Dental, we will gather a comprehensive picture of your dental health and history. From there, we will address any major issues and focus on providing preventative care.

We have created a comfortable safe office environment where you can openly address any concerns you have. Our dental experts will formulate ongoing care based on your unique circumstances, needs, and preferences.

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Removing plaque off teeth at dental check up

Our Check Up & Cleaning Process

As one of our patients, we will perform the following services during your dental check up and cleaning:

  • Note your existing oral condition (the current condition of each tooth, if you have any additional or missing teeth, etc.)
  • Check for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and other potential issues
  • Perform a bite assessment
  • Examine your lips, throat, tongue, jaw joints, and cheeks for any abnormalities
  • Feel your lymph nodes in your neck and head for any pain
  • Professionally clean your teeth to remove tartar and plaque

By performing a comprehensive assessment of your mouth, we can ensure that your gums, teeth, and mouth are healthy.

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Our Additional Diagnostic & Educational Tools

Performing X-rays lets us get a better idea of what your overall oral health looks like. We can use your X-rays to diagnose dental conditions early on and get them treated efficiently.

We can also use your X-rays as educational tools to inform you of how to best practice taking care of your oral health at home.

How Often Do I Need an Oral Examination?

In general, we recommend patients come in for an oral examination every six months. You may need to come in more frequently if you are at higher risk for dental problems like tooth decay.

What Happens If I Need Treatment?

In a majority of cases, patients will come in for their biannual check ups and be on their way. However, if we find that you need treatment, we will proceed accordingly. Your dentist will go over what’s wrong and explain the different treatment options available. He or she will highlight all of their pros and cons and answer any questions you have. This way, you can make the most practical and informed decision possible.

Once you have settled on a treatment, we will schedule additional appointments to get your oral health in check.

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