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Tooth Coloured Fillings


Smile more confidently with expert dental design and tooth-coloured fillings. Embrace your most natural smile with composite resin restorations that work fast and look stunning!

The patient is the top priority at Complete Family Dental. Our oral health team has several years of training and experience committed to top-quality technique and cutting-edge technology.

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Types of dental filling materials

Because every patient is unique, we make it our business to offer the widest array of options to meet your needs. We collaborate with our patients to select the material that they believe best for their tooth-coloured filling.

Composite Resin

This is the less expensive material of the two. It has the advantage of price and the fact that it can be applied in one sitting. This is great for anyone who wants a quick fix that will do a great job.


While ceramic is more expensive than composite resin, it offers a set of benefits that may appeal to your situation. Ceramic is stain-resistant. It also has a longer lifespan, meaning you make a larger initial investment, but you get more time out of it.

Dental Crowns vs Dental Fillings

Types of dental restorations

Not all dental damage is the same. Your filling may be required for several different reasons, and these will impact what type of restoration you use. There are two types:

Direct Restoration

If you have sustained less damage, direct may be the right choice. With this type of restoration, your dentist will use composite resin rather than ceramic. The resin will be shaped directly onto the teeth in your mouth.

Indirect Restoration

Indirect restorations are used for teeth that have sustained significantly more damage. For this process, your dentist will create a full filling outside of your mouth. The fit will then adhere to your teeth in the form of an inlay or onlay.

What happens during a Dental Restoration Procedure?

These procedures are simple, fast, and painless for patients! For a direct restoration using composite resin:

  1. Your dentist will clean the tooth and apply a gel and leave it for 10 seconds. This will help to hold the filling on the surface of the tooth.
  2. Your dentist will pour sealant over your tooth and harden it with a blue light.
  3. On top of the sealant, the resin is added and hardened.

It’s as easy as that! You are done within one easy session. For an indirect restoration using porcelain:

  1. Your dentist will clean the area and use a camera to scan the surface.
  2. The schematics for your tooth are sent to a computer, which creates an inlay or onlay for that area.
  3. We get the inlay or onlay back from the lab and fit it to your teeth.

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