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Start Brushing Your Teeth At Night

After a long, hard day, the first thing you’re thinking about is getting a good nights sleep. This is natural when one is feeling tired and when you feel like this, there is a chance you’ll skip brushing your teeth at night.

Brushing your teeth at night should always be part of your oral routine. Many people are guilty of not doing this and probably think that skipping it isn’t that big a deal. This becomes a regular and avoidable bad habit. Make sure you select the right tooth brush (Soft Bristle or Hard Bristle) for yourself.

After reading this, you’ll realise why brushing your teeth at night is actually very important to your oral health.

What Happens In Your Mouth?

Food particles naturally form inside the mouth after a meal. This can be a mixture of carbohydrates and sugars (depending on your diet and lifestyle) and the saliva in your mouth naturally washes away the particles. However, sometimes food can stay stuck, and if you haven’t brushed your teeth yet, you’re introducing the risk of plaque build-up. Plaque is a sticky, pale substance that sticks to teeth owing to a build-up of bacteria. When skipping brushing your teeth at night, this can continue to build, and harden itself to into tartar. Tartar isn’t easy to remove by brushing and home and will require professional dental cleaning.

Bacteria Thrives In The Mouth…

The bacteria excrements in the mouth are acidic, which is dangerous for your enamel because bacteria penetration can cause enamel erosion, cavities and gum disease. If you eat and do not keep your mouth clean through brushing after, these are the possible consequences.

Bacteria Also Causes Bad Breath…

When you skip brushing your teeth at night, the bacteria that rests in the mouth can lead to bad breath the following morning. Through brushing and also flossing, you’re actively removing the bacteria particles that carry a smelly substance in your mouth. Your breath will remain pleasant if you perform brushing and flossing at night.

When visiting the hygienist, they may ask about your current oral routine, and if it doesn’t include brushing your teeth at night, the hygienist is able to tell by the state of your teeth. When we wake up at night, our mouths carry a bad smell. Brushing teeth helps resolve this. This is also the case at night time. No matter how tired you are, start adopting the habit of brushing your teeth at night.

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