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Visiting The Dentist For The First Time

Are you visiting the dentist for the first time? Or are you visiting a new dentist for the first time? Either way, the first time when visiting the dentist can be daunting. Dental services vary from practice to practice, and you shouldn’t expect the same service at every practice. This is because there may be a different set of dental treatments, different levels of knowledge and different ways of carrying out a dental service.

Understandably, this can be overwhelming as a new patient as you won’t know what to expect. Whilst this is the case, rest assured that all dental practices have one objective, and that’s to ensure your oral health is as strong as possible.

Visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking for the first time. You may have visited the dentist before, and are about to visit a new dentist. To make your first visit a little easier, below breaks down what you can expect when visiting the dentist.

Removing plaque off teeth at dental check up

Scale And Polish Treatment

A check-up at the dentist always includes scale and polish treatment. The dentist will scrape at your teeth above the gum line to remove stubborn stains, plaque and tartar build-up. These are triggers for adverse conditions such as tooth decay, cavities and bad breath. A special polishing agent will be used to polish your teeth to lighten its shade.

A Thorough Examination

A dentist can only tailor treatment plans and offer oral advice after understanding the state of your oral health. This is part of an oral examination, where the dentist will check for any pressing dental concerns, such as oral cancer and gum disease. After the examination, the dentist can then determine future treatments and offer advice is part of a plan to keep your oral health strong.


X-Ray treatments are important for those patients that suffer from certain symptoms such as abscesses, cysts, misalignment and tooth decay. It also helps to detect signs of oral cancer, which is difficult to determine without x-rays. They allow your dentist to have a complete view of your upper and lower roof of the mouth and determine if any conditions need to be treated.

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Your Next Visit

Before you go, do not leave without booking your next visit with the dentist! Visiting the dentist is recommended every six months. You’re expected to use the advice and plans given to you by your dentist so your oral health remains strong. Your next check-up will likely be fast and easy if the dentist sees an improvement to your oral health.

Before visiting the dentist for the first time, this is exactly what you should expect to happen at the practice. The dentist wants to get to know you better as a patient and will always do what they can to make your visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible. You have nothing to be concerned about if your oral health is in check!

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