Invisalign is the go-to choice to straighten teeth to deliver high-quality results for your smile. With appropriate care of your aligners, the results can last a lifetime, and it is important that you don’t neglect them.

The clear aligners are tough and durable, but they’re not exactly indestructible. Just like other appliances, Invisalign needs to be looked after accordingly to avoid any adverse problems to your oral health. Aligners are made of durable plastic, but even they can develop cracks. You would need to contact the dentist if this happens.

How Bad Is The Crack?

Advice from the dentist is determined by how severe or light the crack in your clean aligners are. If it’s just cracked and is not split in half, the aligners can continue to be worn until the dentist prepares the next tray.

If your aligners are broken and cannot hold their shape, they shouldn’t be used. They’ll become ineffective and can actually cause more harm to your teeth. The changed shape of the aligners may also alter the positioning of your teeth.

Contacting the dentist to discuss your options is the best thing to do. The dentist may produce a replacement or they may even be able to repair the aligners.

Avoid Fixing Them Yourself

The dentist will always recommend that you bring in the aligners to the practice if there are any complications with it. Patients have tried to repair cracks or breaks in the past with adhesives. These adhesive contain unknown substances that connect to your teeth for the length of time you wear your aligners. Therefore, avoid doing this other damage that may continue to your teeth.

How Can I Avoid My Invisalign Breaking?

There are several steps you can take if you’ve recently had Invisalign fitted to ensure they’re effective in delivering results:


    • Take the aligner trays out of your mouth before you eat or chew or anything

    • Place the aligners in the case provided when you’re not wearing them

    • Regularly wash them accordingly before you put them back in your mouth

    • Avoid biting down on them hard

    • Ensure the accurate technique of placing the aligners in and taking them out is followed.

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