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What Happens At A Dental Consultation?

Whether it is your first or one of many, what does it mean when you hear the words dental consultation? Consider a dental consultation as an appointment at the dentist to discuss a plan of action for your oral health needs. The importance of a consultation is to make patients aware of what constitutes positive oral health and the steps patients need to take, or known as oral advice.

There are a few steps for this, and the steps are different for every patient depending on their oral health. Patients may also seek recommendations for cosmetic treatments to transform their aesthetic appearance.

It can be anything, anything that ensures the preservation of your oral health. Below breaks down what you should expect at a dental consultation in greater detail.


Oral Health Status

First and foremost, the dentist will want to view your medical records and gain an accurate picture of your oral health. This will also include understanding the treatments that are needed. Not only this but as a patient, you may have some issues or concerns that are bothering you. You may also be seeking other treatments to correct your smile as part of your own dental goals. Either way, the dentist needs to be clear on the current status of your oral health and what your requirements are before providing a diagnosis.

The Diagnosis (or Check-Up)

Once the dentist is aware of your oral health condition, the next step would be to perform a diagnosis or a check-up. Through the examination, the dentist will check for any abnormal signs or concerns with your teeth and gums, and signs of oral cancer. The dentist will confirm what they think and begin to offer recommendations as part of a treatment plan. This will also include any cosmetic treatment requests. For example, if you need a filling or a crown for extra protection of damaged teeth, the dentist will make you aware of this and discuss next steps. If it’s your first check-up, find out what to expect here.

Treatment Plan

Next, the dentist will develop a treatment plan for your dental goals and walk you through the process. Treatment plans will include dental services, costings and tips to looking after your oral health at home. Ultimately, it is designed to prevent any oral issues from becoming bigger and to protect your teeth for the long-term. The treatment plans are not mandatory but are recommended to restore your smile and so your goals can be achieved. As the patient, ensure that you’re as honest as possible. Ultimately, the dentist works towards your oral health needs.

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After The Dental Consultation, What’s Next?

Now you’ve consulted with the dentist about your dental goals, and, in some circumstances, where preventative treatment may be required for any minor dental concerns, check yourself into the books at the dentist! From now, to achieve your dental goals, book the necessary appointments for any treatments that you may need. As a pre-requisite, you are expected to follow the advice so your oral health is maintained before your next appointment for treatment. You are on your way to an aesthetic appearance you’ve always wanted.

Are you seeking oral health advice? Check yourself in for a dental consultation with our dentists in Quakers Hill. Contact us to book an appointment today.

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