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Why Is It Important To Keep Your Mouth Clean?

Your oral health says a lot about your lifestyle and habits. If your teeth aren’t in the greatest shape, it is likely to be because of certain habits that you can’t avoid.

There are many avoidable habits that people perform. For example, using teeth to open packaging, biting down on hard objects and not keeping your teeth clean.

Although, one avoidable habit that some people don’t take seriously is keeping the mouth clean. Your mouth goes through a lot every day, from general mouth functioning and consuming food and drink. The food and drink you consume are vitally important.

What Happens If Food Debris Stays In The Mouth?

Food remains will always stay in the mouth after you’ve eaten a meal. These remains will transform themselves into bacteria if they stay in the mouth for a certain period of time, for example, if you don’t drink water to clean your mouth. The bacteria then form into dental plaque, a yellow and pale sticky substance that coats the surface of your teeth. This basically means that your teeth are coated with bacteria.

This can get progressively worse if the plaque builds. This eventually forms into tartar, which cannot be removed with a toothbrush. It would likely require a scale and polish to scrape the bacteria off of your teeth. These are signs of early tooth decay, the process of your teeth slowly dying and requiring extraction because they’re unusable.

Many people snack before bedtime without washing their mouths. This is another habit that needs to be avoided.

How To Keep Your Mouth Clean

There are many ways to keep your mouth clean, which you should perform every day as part of a strong oral routine:

  • Brush And Floss Your Teeth – Perform this when you wake up and at night with correct brushing technique to stroke the toothbrush against your teeth and gums.
  • Regular Consumption Of Water – Drinking water regularly gives you the added benefit of maintaining high volumes of saliva. Saliva is an important tool which keeps high digestion levels and helps wash away the food remains.
  • Avoid Sugars and Starch – Sugars and starch are culprits for a fast accumulation of bacteria and enamel erosion. It is recommended that you reduce the level of sugar you consume in your diet.
  • Visit The Dentist For Regular Check-Ups – Visit the dentist for regular check-ups. The dentist is best placed to determine the state of your oral health and perform regular cleanings for a fresh mouth.

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